The Midas Chairs are part of a series of design objects that explore rhythm and repetition as means of transforming materials. The piece materialises the concept of ostinato – a musical motif that persistently repeats in the same voice, frequently in the same pitch. A dimensional, linear, rigorous and repetitive pattern is over-imposed on the natural fibre of wood to create a modern, rich texture, an enhanced sense of materiality.

The chairs are referencing one of the best-known tragedies in Greek mythology: the golden touch in King Midas’ legend. The chair is of generous size and proportions, manufactured in solid European walnut. The 3 legged chair, reimagined as a sculptural, modern-day throne, features an elongated armrest with a golden, polished brass detail where the fingers would rest – referencing Midas’ destiny to turn into gold everything his fingers touched.

Design: Cristian Branea

Solid European walnut;

Polished brass detail.

Width: 60 cm
Depth: 65 cm
Height: 73 cm