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 10 May 2019


During 19-22 May, ICFF takes over New York’s Javits Center as the North American platform for luxury international design showcasing the latest in exclusive luxury interiors, contemporary design and high-end furniture. ICFF is a sought-after show for Architects, Interior Designers and Developers in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.


Being on our second participation to ICFF New York, we will reveal a series of statement pieces characterized by material richness and handcrafted details.

The latest furniture pieces – part of the award-winning collection entitled Ostinato – design objects that explore rhythm and repetition as means of transforming materials: Ostinato Tower cabinets, Ostinato III and V dining tables and the Midas chairs. The pieces materialize the concept of ostinato – a musical motif that persistently repeats in the same voice, frequently in the same pitch. A dimensional, linear, rigorous and repetitive pattern is over-imposed on the natural fiber of wood to create a modern, rich texture, an enhanced sense of materiality.

The Ostinato Tower is a tall cabinet with unexpected lines and volumes that are referencing brutalist architecture with its top heavy structures.


The cabinets, made of solid walnut or ash, feature two large compartments lined with mirror polished solid brass, glass shelves and a brass covered drawer.


The Ostinato V is a large size dining table in solid European Walnut with five cylindrical legs displayed asymmetrically, some of which feature entirely or partially the ostinato pattern. The rounded lines are picked up by the tabletop which also features a very subtle beveled edge as an unexpected detail.

The chairs are referencing one of the most well-known tragedies in Greek mythology: the golden touch in King Midas’ legend. The chair is of generous size and proportions, manufactured in solid European walnut.


The 3 legged chair, reimagined as a sculptural, modern-day throne, features an elongated armrest with a golden, polished brass detail where the fingers would rest – referencing Midas’ destiny to turn into gold everything his fingers touched.

The pieces are designed by Cristian Branea, Co-founder and Creative Director of Materia Studio. Self-taught, with a background and a PhD in Philosophy, Cristian established the brand Materia in 2014. The brand made its US debut in New York at ICFF 2018, when Materia was awarded “Best Furniture in ICFF Show” by the International Furnishing and Design Association (IFDA), the New York Chapter.


In March 2019, while premiered in Singapore, the Ostinato Tower cabinet received the “Best exhibit” Award by the IFFS Singapore.

2019 icff NY.jpg

Javits Center, New York

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