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6 May 2018


20-23 May 2018

ICFF takes over New York’s Javits Center as the North American platform for Luxury International Design showcasing the latest in exclusive luxury interiors, contemporary design and high-end furniture.

ICFF is a sought-after show for Architects, Interior Designers and Developers in residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors.


On this first participation to ICFF New York, Bucharest based Materia Studio will reveal a series of statement pieces characterized by material richness and handcrafted details, under the brand name MATERIA.

We’ll have on display several pieces from our new award-winning collection OSTINATO – design objects that explore rhythm and repetition as means to transform materials. The pieces materialize the concept of ostinato – a motif that persistently repeats in the same musical voice, frequently in the same pitch.

In music as in these pieces, the base/basso ostinato constructed as a repetitive pattern is the pillar that supports and emphasizes the musical harmonies that are developing on top. A linear, rigorous and repetitive pattern is carved in, over-imposed to the natural fiber of solid wood to create an enhanced sense of materiality.

MATERIA aims at bringing back and valuing the human makers in objects that are personal, expressive, and bearing the artisan fingerprints. The traditional craftsmanship is mixed with experimental procedures to transform the matter into statement pieces with unexpected textures.


We take great care to grow our business and the community in which we operate in a sustainable way by supporting a way of doing business that is empowering to the individual and caring towards the environment.

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Jakob K. Javits Center, New York

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